Monday, September 4, 2006

Why I Profess Atheism and Actively Disparage Religion

It seems our world is increasingly polarized by religion: Muslim vs Jew, Muslim vs Christian, Muslim vs Hindu (are you sensing a trend, here?). Global communications have placed religion in an untenable position. Globalization has shrunk the world to the point where the world's religions are running out of room to believe they are each the only one. Religions are mutually exclusive: My God cannot possibly have created the world and set down its laws if yours did. Your heaven and my heaven cannot coexist. Therefore, you will go to my religion's Hell or I will go to yours, and both of us will do our damndest to see the other off.

We are dealing with some very primitive, downright laughable beliefs which are bringing humanity closer and closer to destruction with each passing year. If there is ever to be a World War III, it will be a war of conflicting religions. The beliefs, words, and deeds of these ignorant, superstitious people cannot go unnoticed and unquestioned. They deserve every arrow of ridicule and scorn launched their way, because somebody has to call "bullshit."

My future, my childrens' future, and my grandchildrens' future is, I feel, in jeopardy. I will not sit by and pretend to tolerate the socially-sanctioned mass insanity that is Islam, Judiaism, Christianity, or any other myth believed as historical fact. To me, there is no such thing as a moderate, only a lazy person who hasn't thought things through thoroughly enough. To tolerate other religions means you don't believe in your own, because they cannot all be true at the same time. Whether you are a fundamentalist or a moderate, the basis of your strong or weak delusion is still a lie. I do not tolerate or show respect for lies. I do not believe in fairy tales. I am an atheist. I am left out of the polarization of civilization. It isn't that I think your religion in particular is false—I think they all are.

I realize I am quite in the minority. I'm sure there are many "closet atheists" out there who fear what their families would say or some other type of retribution if they "came out." But generally, the number of people who live full, rich, meaningful, ethical lives without any god or religion is miniscule compared to the number of those who need to delude themselves with magical, invisible deities. And since religious morality is hardly anything more than a variation on might makes right, it's easy to see why some people who know perfectly well that religion is a ludicrous lie do not profess it.

But without each single voice there is no choir. The smaller the choir, the greater it is improved with the addition of even one more voice. I have decided to add my voice. I feel like I am standing above the fray and joining in the chorus that sings of another way. A way without superstitious mumbo-jumbo.

But people don't listen unless you can get their attention, and even then they tune you out as soon as they realize you are challenging their worldview. If I calmly sit here and type words of reason and logic nobody would notice or care. So I write in an inflammatory style, designed to get attention through controversy. Once I have jolted you and got your attention, then if the grip on your delusion is weak, perhaps you will let it go.

My vitriol is not an act, however: it is very real and heartfelt. I am exasperated to no end with religious ignorance and idiocy, and my tongue is sharp. I will belittle, disparage, and scorn religion and the actions of its followers because that is what gets attention. And attention must be paid to where humanity is taking itself, because there is a very steep cliff up ahead called World War III.

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