Thursday, September 14, 2006

Current Dark Sided Poll Results

Over to the right I have a poll running (there are a few days left for it) asking you to say what your major religious affiliation is, if any. I only selected the big ones (my apologies to Jews, wiccans, and satanists). Here's how things stand so far:

Atheist: 60%
Agnostic: 26%
Christian: 13%
Muslim: 0%

I'm really surprised that no Muslims have voted at all. Truthfully, I am also surprised at the number of atheists! You may wonder what I expected - is this not an atheist's blog, after all? Yes, but at less than 6% of the American population (as far as we know, but it's probably a bit more), I didn't know how well I was going to reach atheists with my blog. I guess I'm doing OK.

If you haven't voted, yet, please do, and send your friends here, too. Any ideas on what I should do for my next poll? Comment or email me (address at right) and tell me.

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