Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Afterlife According to Islam: Eating Fruit and Shagging Virgins


Let me see if got this straight. In the muslim afterlife, men get to: eat fruit and the flesh of any bird; and have their way with "large-eyed maidens." Women get to become virgins again and have all age differences between them erased. They will have the pleasure of serving the men.

This is the divine word of Allah? Sure sounds to me like it was cooked up by a bunch of stupid horny men thousands of years ago. In fact, it sounds exactly the kind of primitive, sexist, and sexually objectifiedimagining of an afterlife you would expect from ancient tribal patriarchal cultures. You'd think a god could come up with something a little better than some idealized version of a life-on-earth fruit-and-fuck fest. But hey, it sounds better than the Christian idea of heaven. Praise god for all eternity? Oh, where do I sign up!?

This is what terrorist recruiters tell their marks what their reward is for being a martyr: you get to fuck little girls(you think that by "virgins," they mean grown women?). I can see why Muslims have a bit of an image problem. Unless we can get people to see the lunacy and idiocy of any religion, but especially Christianity and Islam, this world is headed for a global war unlike anything in the past.

This portrayal of the afterlife is no different for moderates than for extremists. too, and it's just as ridiculous for them. No, it's even more ridiculous for moderates. You might expect a moderate to have more sense than a stark-raving-mad extremist, but where is there any sense in this description of the afterlife straight out of the holy Quran? Many people feel that we should be tolerant and respectful of others' religious beliefs. Are we to show respect for this primitive, sexist claptrap? It's ridiculous! It's absurd! I refuse.

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