Saturday, September 2, 2006

Welcome to the Dark Side

The purpose of this blog is to hold up religious idiocy and ignorance to the scorn and ridicule it deserves.

We should not tolerate the mass insanity that is religious belief. Religious belief (not just fundamentalism—I don't care if you're a little crazy or really wacko) is bringing ruin upon the entire world. Over the next twenty years or so the United States may very well enter a new dark age in which religion speaks through government, silences science, and oppresses everywhere the freedoms so hard-won by our nation's deist, nonchristian forefathers.

With every post on this blog I will point out the ignorance, the idiocy, and the outright insanity of those that follow religions and who believe in the existence supernatural beings. Believing in an invisible, white (oh shut up of course he is), bearded man-in-the-sky who never answers back when you talk to him is pure, certifiable insanity.

The "dark side" is, of course, no such thing. To suffer no illusions is not to dwell in darkness, but in the light of reality. As the old joke goes: Reality... it's not what you think.

And so, without further ado:


For your delight, the remix:


There's another side to this video (which has been popular online far before my humble post to it here) that doesn't get much (if any) mention: the other woman in this show is a wiccan. A pagan. A different form of a similar insanity. Lest you think I only have it in for christians, let me say that the ignorance and duplicity of the new ager is stupendously without parallel. And they have really, really ugly
websites. More on them later.

My work here is just beginning.

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