Sunday, September 3, 2006

Training the Next Generation Army for WWIII: Jesus Camp


Link to video page @ YouTube

Just imagine how angry and upset most of you would feel if you watched this and, instead of little christian white boys and girls you saw little brown muslim boys all willing and eager to die for allah (girls would be excluded, of course). You know what muslims would think if they saw this? They would think that's the best terrorist training camp video I ever saw! The next war will not be about oil. It will not be about land. It will be about belief. Not belief in something worthwhile, like freedom, or creativity, or self-actualization. But belief in something so patently ludicrous and stupid it is nearly unimaginable: invisible supernatural gods and stolen mythological stories mistaken for history and reality. No, I take that back—I can imagine it. No, I don't even have to imagine it—I just saw it in that video.

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