Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Root of All Evil - all parts, in order - Richard Dawkins


The above is part 1-1. Because of the hodge-podge way they're broken up, uploaded, and indexed, they never seem to be listed in the right order. Below are links to all the videos in the correct order, so that you can watch the whole online.

Part 1-1:
Part 1-2:
Part 1-3:
Part 2-1:
Part 2-2:
Part 2-3:
Part 2-4:
Part 2-5:
Part 2-6:

He probably didn't mean it to be this way, but one of the most entertaining aspects of this work is watching Dawkins frown grimly and disapprovingly as he sits and squirms through what must be torturous evangelical services.

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