Friday, June 29, 2007

Europe sees creationism as threat to human rights

Europe sees creationism as threat to human rights
Europe's primary human rights body will vote on a proposal this week to defend the teaching of Darwinian evolution and keep creationist and intelligent design views out of science classes in state schools in its 47 member countries.

This has always been a problem with the liberal idea of "cultural diversity." Far too many cultures still treat women as chattel, glorify religious violence, and battle science because its provable tenets contradict their fairy tales from the ancient past. This is where liberalism breaks down. We have get shitty with people: religious indoctrination is child abuse, stupid lies and made-up fantasies about the origin and evolution of life on earth form the basis of the belief systems that permit ignorance and abuse everywhere there is fundamentalist religion, whether christian or muslim or hindu.

You know what will be really hilarious? If the vote goes through to prevent the teaching of fantasies as science, creationsit cacklers everywhere are going to slapping their lips together in the form of rapidfire hate speech like never before. Fox News will become the comedy channel.

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